Becoming an esthetician is often described as a decision made effortlessly, yet the journey that follows is anything but simple. The hours devoted to studying, practicing, and honing skills in school are often underestimated. Moreover, the financial investment that goes into owning a salon business adds another layer of complexity to the equation. 

If you’re here reading about how to organize your waxing salon, we’re going to assume you’ve passed your state board tests and/or are practicing already, so congratulations on your success! Let’s get into the best (and most cost-effective way) to organize your waxing salon so you can make the most out of your waxing services. 


Table of Contents

How to Organize Your Waxing Salon Equipment

Making your clients feel comfortable is key if your goal is to provide a positive waxing experience! One of the best ways to do that is by organizing your waxing salon space to be inviting and choosing waxing equipment that helps bring calming energy. 

Luckily, at Nova Wax, we have equipment that has both functional and aesthetic appeal! Choosing a great waxing table and organizing the salon space around the bed is a good way to show your client you’re invested in their comfort during service. 

Our wax bed tables come in different colors and are made of dense PVC leather. They also feature deluxe padding, removable accessories, have an adjustable knob to change the height, and are capable of folding for storage/traveling services. 

So, how do all of these bells and whistles relate to organizing your salon equipment? Versatility! Since our bed is so easily moveable, if you ever feel like changing up your space to make things like waxing supplies more accessible during a service, you can do so without a second thought.

To get more practical with organizing your waxing salon equipment, let’s talk about wax warmer placement. One thing that is overlooked with warmer placement is which side you’re putting your warmer on during service. 

If you haven’t chosen yet, it’s a good idea to put your warmer behind you on your dominant-hand side. For example, if you’re right-handed, you’ll want to organize your setup so your wax warmer is to the right of you, and vice versa if you’re left-handed. 

This will make your service more efficient because you won’t have to keep turning around - which can be a messy disaster with wax involved!

You also want to organize your waxing salon equipment so that your wax warmer is on the top. Whether you’re using a shelving system or a cart to keep your warmer on, putting your warmer on top is the best way to have full access to the wax pot for all your service needs. 

How to Organize Your Waxing Salon Waxes

Figuring out the best way to organize your salon waxes can be a series of trial and error! If you’re not using a one-formula-fits-all wax like Nova Hard Wax, it’s important to organize based on what you use most.

Think about storage and what is easiest to reach when organizing your salon waxes. 

For example, if you are a devoted soft waxer 90% of the time but also occasionally have clients who prefer hard wax, you’ll want to keep the soft wax more accessible than the hard wax. The soft wax should be closer to you on the shelf or visible in the room, while the hard wax can be stored higher or put away completely. 

If you’re a waxer who uses a variety of waxes, having ones you’ve already opened out and visible can be an asset to your business! It’s easy to share different services with existing clients or encourage clients to ask questions about other formulas if your waxes are organized visibly in your salon. 

If clients come in and can see all of the waxes you offer, there’s a possibility that they may ask about them without you having to spiel.

How to Organize Your Waxing Salon Supplies

Before beginning to organize your waxing supplies, always check in with your state board regulations regarding what’s required sanitation-wise. Some states have strict regulations about what supplies can be exposed to air, what trash bins to use, etc. 

After you’ve done that, a good way to begin organizing your waxing salon supplies is by accounting for all of the supplies you already have. 

At Nova Wax, we pride ourselves on having high standards for our wax formula and waxing supplies. In addition to our formula, we also sell spatulas (6in. and 4.5in.) and applicators for use during service. 

It’s a good idea to organize your waxing supplies in clear containers. By using clear containers, you’re able to see where all types of supplies are while keeping things looking uniform.

It’s also nice to label everything so you know what each container has in it specifically. This saves you time and helps you focus on the service itself during waxing rather than wondering where supplies are. 

When organizing other supplies, like pre & post-care waxing supplies, it’s a good idea to keep just the ones that have already been opened out. If you keep all of the supplies you’ve purchased out, it can easily become a mess. 

If you both opened and unopened supplies out, you might find yourself just opening what’s close by to finish your service faster when you already had a perfectly good product opened within just a few feet of your chair.

How to Organize Your Waxing Salon Backbar 

Your waxing salon backbar is where all of the supplies you’ve purchased for salon use only go! If you’re a part of NovaPRO (if you’re not already, welcome!), then your backbar is where your wholesale waxing supplies go. 

One good tip for organizing your salon backbar is putting your newest arrivals in the back. Think of your wax lined up in a row. 

If you place a new order of wax and already have an existing bag opened, the new order would go behind the already opened wax, making it the second one in the row.

By placing the newer bag in the back, you are making sure you’re using all of the opened wax before you get to the newer one. 

Establishing a little system so you know when it’s time to order more for inventory purposes will help standardize your practices and organization. For example, you might make it a goal to always have a row of three at minimum. 

When you have only one unopened bag left behind the first bag you’re using, you might make it a point to order more so you don’t run out and render yourself unable to perform services. 

It’s also smart to organize your waxing salon backbar based on what you use most often. If you use scented wax more than unscented wax but carry both options, organize your salon backbar so it’s easiest to reach the scented wax.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to organize your waxing salon requires a lot more than you’d expect! When organizing your business, consider things like what kind of aesthetic you’re going for, what products you use the most often, and what your state board regulations might limit you to. 

All in all, organizing your waxing salon is something very personal! What works best for you might not be what works best for everyone else, so experimenting is key. Create a system that works for you!