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Renowned Esthetician,Liz Lugo, owner of Brows by Liz, dreamt up the revolutionary Nova Wax formula while working in her studio. Her journey began at Bellus Academy in Poway, California; one of the most accredited beauty and wellness institutions in the nation. 

At Bellus, Liz fell in love with the art of waxing and upon graduating she began her very successful career in the esthetics industry. As Liz began to get more familiar with European waxes, she discovered that there was nothing on the market that provided a luxury experience for both the client and esthetician. She wanted a formula that could be used everywhere on the body with a fast setting time, making the waxing process comfortable and time efficient. 

Liz’s vision came to life after traveling to Maystar cosmetics lab in Tarragona, Spain and working directly with a chemist to formulate the ultimate premium polymer blend now known as Nova Wax. 


The all-in-one Nova Wax is the only formula that professionals need. The Nova formula is a first of its kind, adhering to both fine and coarse hair, making achieving a full body wax with just one type of wax possible. Our 30lb box is designed to offer estheticians our luxury wax at the lowest price.

Nova’s commitment to clean ingredients prioritizes being gentle on the skin, with all of our waxes being aluminum-free and rosin-free. Our hypoallergenic formula is fragrance-free for those with extra sensitivities. The flexible creamy consistency after melting allows a seamless application, making achieving long thin layers and unbroken wax easier than ever. 

Whether you prefer our tablets or beads, our formula is designed with a lasting positive experience in mind while also considering aesthetics with its stunning metallic finish. 


NovaPRO provides a comprehensive selection of products to cater to the waxing needs of businesses and professionals seeking wholesale or bulk purchasing options. Our inventory includes high-quality hard wax formulas, professional-grade waxing warmers, pre and post-care products, and all other essential waxing supplies required for achieving flawless, hairless skin.We offer competitive professional pricing to ensure our partners can deliver top-tier services to their clients. NovaPRO is your go-to source for all wholesale waxing needs.

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