Pro Roll-On Wax Bundle

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Discover Nova's innovative solution for quick and hygienic waxing: our Pro Roll-On Wax Bundle. Designed to minimize service time and maximize cleanliness, our roll-on system is perfect for professionals.

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  • Hygienic: Each single-use, recyclable roll-on wax cartridge is designed for a one-time use per client, eliminating concerns of cross-contamination that are common with traditional wax warmers.
  • Speed Waxing: Optimized for fast application, our roll-on wax is ideal for large body areas, reducing service time by up to 50%.
  • Moisturizing Ingredients: A blend of mineral oil and titanium dioxide ensures the skin remains hydrated and irritation-free after waxing.

The Pro Nova Wax Bundle is designed to kickstart your Roll-On waxing experience. Included in this bundle is one vegan roll-on wax cartridge, a Nova roll-on wax warmer, and one pack of 200ct wax removal strips. This combination delivers an efficient, streamlined waxing experience, free from the usual complexities and mess associated with traditional wax pots. 

Ideal for those seeking a quick, clean, and effective waxing solution, this bundle simplifies the process while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and skin care.


  • Hygienic: Single-use cartridge ensure a clean wax every time.
  • Moisturizing Ingredients: Keeps skin hydrated and smooth.
  • Low Melting-Point: Gentle on skin, reducing the risk of burns.
  • One-Time Use: Each cartridge is for individual use, preventing waste and contamination.
  • Large Service Area Friendly: Quickly covers large areas.
  • Gentle on Skin: Formulated to be kind to your skin.
  • Nova Cordless Wax Warmer ensures consistent wax temperature and quality.