Get ready for a soft wax experience like never before.

We took the beloved Nova formula you know and love and transformed it into soft perfection - the same gentle touch, promising fantastic results.

Soft Wax Collection

Designed by an esthetician with versatility in mind, Nova Wax is an all-in-one solution suitable for beginners, students, and professionals alike.

Infused with a blend of mineral oil and titanium dioxide, this vegan, fragrance-free, and rosin-free formula hydrates the skin and minimizes post-wax irritation. From brows to legs, Nova Wax offers a unique solution for achieving smooth, hair-free skin with ease.

A Gentle Soft Wax Experience Like No Other

While soft strip wax is often recognized for its effectiveness, it can sometimes be harsh on the skin. Nova prioritizes effectiveness and comfort to ensure an exceptional waxing experience.

When developing our soft wax formula, we aimed to uphold the same level of gentleness that characterizes our hard wax. In a study involving 50 participants, half of whom had sensitive skin, no adverse reactions were reported during or after application. Our formula stands out as one of the gentlest on the market, ensuring not only comfort but also top-tier performance.