Advanced Roll-On Wax Guide for Pros

This comprehensive guide is for waxing professionals looking to elevate their waxing services with roll-on wax products! Here, you'll find everything you need to know about integrating roll-on products into your waxing services, ensuring you deliver top-tier results every time.

Table of Contents

Benefits of Roll-On Wax

Nova Wax’s roll-on wax products are designed to enhance the client's experience, while also helping streamline your waxing services. When you use roll-on products, you can reduce service time by up to 50%. 

Due to the way the cartridge and warmer work together, the wax glides on easily across big areas without having to go back and forth to a wax pot applying multiple strips. 

Compared to traditional methods like hard wax or soft wax that only have a spatula’s width, the roll-on method has the entire width of the cartridge.

This design efficiency allows you to schedule more appointments and increase your business’s throughput without compromising on quality.

Another benefit of roll-on wax is cleanliness. Each cartridge is for one-time-use only, so after each client, the cartridge is discarded. The warmer also does not require extensive cleaning compared to wax-warming counterparts, like traditional wax warmers for pots.

Not only does the one-time-use ensure hygienic practices, but it also makes it easy to keep track of your inventory. 

How to Use Roll-On Wax for Professionals

Step 1: Preparing the Wax

Ensure your Nova Wax Roll-On Wax Warmer is clean and functional. Insert the Nova Wax Roll-On Wax Cartridge and allow it to heat to the optimal temperature. Always test the wax temperature before application to avoid any client discomfort.

Step 2: Applying the Wax

Clean and prepare the client’s skin by ensuring it is oil-free and dry. Roll the wax applicator over the skin in the direction of hair growth, covering only the area that you will wax at one time. This technique ensures efficient and even wax application.

Step 3: Removing the Wax

Place a wax strip over the applied wax and press to ensure adhesion. Hold the skin taut and remove the strip against the direction of hair growth in a swift motion. This method helps in achieving a clean and thorough waxing result.

Step 4: Post-Waxing Care

Apply a soothing skin treatment to calm any irritation and cleanse the skin. Advise clients on aftercare procedures to maintain the results and prevent any post-waxing complications.

Appropriate Usage of Roll-On Wax

Roll-on wax is ideal for larger body areas, like backs, legs, arms, and stomachs. It is crucial to note that roll-on wax should never be used on the face, intimate areas, or very sensitive regions. Wax application in facial and intimate areas requires different products and techniques.

Regulatory Compliance for Roll-On Waxing

Before incorporating roll-on wax into your service offerings, ensure you are aware of and comply with the waxing regulations specific to your state. These regulations can vary widely, and staying informed is crucial for maintaining both legal compliance and high standards of practice.

Best Professional Roll-On Wax Products

Explore our range of luxury roll-on wax products tailored for professional use:

  • Roll-On Wax Collection: All of the Nova Wax Roll-On products in one easy-to-explore place. 
  • Roll-On Wax 50ct: Bulk purchase options for busy salons, allowing you to buy more and save more without skipping out on quality. 
  • Roll-On Wax Warmer: Reliable, quick heating for efficient service delivery. This warmer is easy to store in smaller studio spaces and easy to use for portable services.
  • Roll-On Wax Kit: Includes everything needed to start offering roll-on wax services immediately, with the cartridges, warmer, and strips.

Final Thoughts

Nova Wax's roll-on products are an excellent choice for estheticians who value quality and efficiency in their waxing businesses. With Nova Wax’s roll-on products, you can elevate your business by diversifying your service options and reducing treatment times. It’s as easy as rolling on and waxing off!

As with any innovation in the waxing space, it’s important to remember continuous education and adherence to state regulations are key if you want your business to remain operating at its full potential.